Pegging is a sexual activity wherein (typically) a woman dons a strap-on dildo and proceeds to have anal sex with her lover, typically a man in this instance. There are several reasons why one would enjoy such an activity.

It just feels good. Well, that’s as good a reason as any. 

It gives the woman a dominant role as she “takes” the man from behind. Some men may enjoy being placed in the submissive role many women are placed in and understand how they feel when their lover demands anal sex. It also allows the men to understand what it’s like to be thusly penetrated and how one should be careful when proceeding.

It simulates homosexual intercourse for the curious. If the man has wondered what it would be like to have another man penetrate him, this is a safe method to explore.

It allows a bisexual to experience sex from multiple perspectives. If the couple is not interested in bringing another male into their bedroom, this is a method that can satisfy the sexual urges of having a man penetrate you, then having the opportunity to have intercourse (anal, oral, and/or vaginal) with their lover.

If the pegger is a male servicing a male, they may choose pegging to allow their lover to enjoy a larger phallus penetrating them.

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