Various yoga movements for the elderly

Various yoga movements for the elderly

Yoga movements for seniors who are still beginners tend to be simple and can be done while sitting or lying down. Below are some examples of movements that can be practiced.

1. Mountain pose

Mountain pose or tadasana can be a balance exercise for the elderly. This movement can keep the legs healthy and strong when the elderly’s posture begins to bend.

Stand with the surface of your feet touching the base. Hold your stomach in while keeping your shoulders and back relaxed. Inhale 5–8 times, then exhale through your nose.

2. Tree pose

Stand straight, then lift one leg towards your inner thigh. Keep it at the same height as your knees. Position your arms crossed, then breathe 5-8 times.

Elderly people can use assistive devices such as chairs if they are unable to stand for a long time. This pose is very good for the elderly because it trains balance and concentration.

3. Triangle pose

This movement is useful for maintaining the flexibility of the elderly’s waist. Just stand with your legs wide and the soles of your feet facing forward.

Tilt your body to the left with your left hand touching the bottom of your knee. Then, raise your right hand so that it is straight up. Repeat also on the right side of the body.

4. Cobbler’s pose

Cobbler’s pose or butterfly yoga pose is useful for maintaining flexibility in the thigh and knee muscles. This movement also helps improve the digestive system of the elderly.

Sit with your body in an upright position, then bring the soles of your feet together with your knees apart and place your hands on your feet. Maintain this position for a few seconds.

5. Bird dogs

Start by leaning on both knees. Lift and straighten your right arm forward while extending your left leg behind you. Hold your stomach and hold this position for a few seconds.

Do the same on the reverse side. Repeat this position twice. This yoga movement for the elderly is useful for strengthening the abdominal and back muscles.

6. Downward-facing dog

This pose helps maintain flexibility and strength of elderly joints. Start by standing on your hands and knees while extending your toes forward.

Then, lift your waist and back up until your body forms a triangle. Hold for 5–8 breaths, then slowly lower your body. Repeat twice.

7. Corpse pose

After doing a series of yoga movements for the elderly, finish by relaxing in a lying position or what is also called shavasana.

Inhale and exhale slowly. Let your body muscles relax again after exercise. Do the movements correctly so that your body can get the benefits.

Regular yoga is beneficial for the health of the elderly. With it, elderly people can enjoy their old age without having to experience pain and muscle stiffness due to lack of physical activity and additional info.

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