Risk Management and the Attack Kill Chain

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Ransomware locks up your computer and your files, and threatens to erase everything unless you pay a ransom. In order to prevent additional scrutiny into the internals of the backdoor, the source code appears to have been heavily obfuscated through the use of DexGuard (0r similar), which can provide encryption for strings, entire classes and assets, considerably slowing and complicating the reverse engineering process. NIPS works by monitoring the day-to-day patterns of network activity across the network.

NIPS protects against threats introduced to the network from both external and internal sources. Signature-based detection: identifying specific patterns or “signatures” in software or network traffic that are indicative of a zero-day exploit. Detection of a zero-day attack can be challenging because the attack takes advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability Search: Know what to search for and where to find the exploit code. Hacking is much bigger and more important than clever bits of code in a computer – it’s how we create the future.

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